Coconut and spirulina ice creams

There’s not much that could break my Fab and mini Twister addiction – I’m a pretty die-hard fan of those two sweet delights. And if I can hunt down a ice cream van then nothing in the entire world beats a Zap. Except maybe a Toffee Crumble…

But I know…sugar…blah blah…cutting it out…trying to cut down. I know, I get it. But I love an ice cream on a hot day, who doesn’t? So I’ve concocted an posh pop that I can indulge in without the sugar worries.

I was testing out Alpro’s Coconut milk and yogurt. I’ve used them both in smoothies before and we often use coconut yogurt in a korma or creamy curry but I’d never ventured into coconutty ice cream goodness. The best part is the it is only 40 calories per 200ml, full of plant-power and only contains naturally occurring sugars. For something to be that good and still taste amazing is rare!

In these beauties I used pomegranate seeds, apricot and raspberry. And then, inspired by the mermaid toast from Vibrant and Pure’s feed, I used a sprinkle of spirulina in the top of the milky ice cream pop to give it a funky mermaid-inspired twist. I love the flavour of spirulina regardless but even if you’re not a fan, mixed in with the coconut milk, it tastes great,

With leftovers to use and funky emoji ice cubes to play with, I decided some smoothie boosters were in order. These power cubes are now stored in the freezer ready to pop in for a fruity and spirulina boost to my morning smoothie. Result.

Next up? I have a perfectly ripe mango just crying out to be blitzed with some Alpro coconut yogurt and turned in to a mango and coconut sorbet. Pass a spoon!

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