Family days out: Vue, Cambridge

Before we had kids, our favourite night out was cinema and Nando’s. Classy right? If we’re honest, given a monthly babysitting slot, we would chose to go to the cinema most of the time. And now, cinema trips with Tilly are a weekend staple too. Most of the time it’s a daddy trip while I hit the shops but before Christmas me and my big girl had a girls-only date to try out the new and improved Vue cinema in Cambridge.

vue cambridge

In all honesty the cinema had got a bit rusty but now it has replaced every seat in every screen with fully reclining seats. Yep – it’s the stuff of dreams people – a cinema with beds. If you love the film, it’s perfect for relaxing and enjoying the show. If you are dragged along to someone else’s film choice, it’s a great for getting in a nap while they’re not watching!

vue cambridge

They really are fantastically comfy – push a button and they fully, completely recline so that you are horizontal. And all this as standard – because the whole cinema now has these seats, they come at normal price. Bonus! I did find myself wishing that I had taken along a blanket though as I always find cinemas chilly. And obviously a morning kids film wasn’t the time or the place but next time I will definitely take in an alcoholic beverage to enjoy as I recline!

We saw The Good Dinosaur and it was rather good. Fun in a soft and squidgy way but with a few ‘scary’ bits to keep the kids on their toes. I would definitely recommend for 3-5 year olds. Tilly sat quietly for the whole film and only had to jump over to my chair when there were some mildly scary parts. She certainly gave it the big thumbs up.

I loved the seats so much that we are all booked up to go and see Star Wars this weekend. I’ll leave you to decide whether I will be avidly watching or catching up on a few zeds!

Vue Cambridge, Grafton Centre



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