Blue Eye with Contrasting Hair Color: Your Deals

Blue has been always considered as royal. He was associated with something sublime, pure, inaccessible. And girls with sky-blue eyes were considered more attractive. The modern vision of beauty is not framework, but there are certain rules, observing which you can achieve harmony between the shades of curls and eyes. Hair color for blue eyes, in principle, can be anything. The main thing is that he emphasizes their beauty and splendor.

What are they, girls with blue eyes?

It is believed that blue eyes have sensual, shy, romantic natures. These girls in their youth dream of a prince from the castle flying on a big and kind dragon.

Blue eyes have one feature. Any changes in mood, state of health are immediately reflected on the pupil. In principle, this happens with eyes of any color, just on blue more and more noticeable than on brown. This feature contributes to the formation of certain character traits. Women know that nothing can be hidden completely, and often act directly, so they seem more open and honest.

Most hair color brings out blue eyes with leadership qualities. When making serious decisions, they rely on common sense and logic. Seemingly eccentric at first glance, actions have common sense and a solid foundation. Even choosing cosmetics and hairstyle, the girl will think a few times and weigh the decision well.

Beautiful hair color for blue eyes (photo below) is, first of all, harmonious. It should be well combined not only with a shade of the iris of the visual organ, but also with appearance and nature in general.

Shades of blue eyes

Eye color is a feature determined by the pigmentation of the thin movable diaphragm of the visual organ. The outer layer of the vessels of the iris consists of collagen fibers that differ in one color or another. In blue-eyed people, the fibers have a high density and dark blue color with a whitish and grayish tint. The higher the density of the fibers, the brighter the shade will be.

Blue eye color is a consequence of a mutation in the HERC2 gene. Carriers of a similar genotype have decreased production of melanin in the iris of the visual organ. Color saturation is affected by lighting, decor, and mood. Usually, young girls have lighter eyes than young girls. Deeper blues and even blues appear as a result of the endocrine and nervous systems.

It is necessary to choose hair color for blue-eyed so that it emphasizes their depth and beauty. If you want to focus on the shade, then you first need to focus on it.

What color is the color of the hair for the owner of blue eyes?

There are no blue or blue pigments in the iris. Blue color is a consequence of the optical effect of light scattering during the passage of a light beam through an inhomogeneous medium – the stroma. The lower the density of the stroma, the more intense the blue color. This color has the majority of newborns. For some, he remains for life.

The hair colors that make blue eyes pop indicate that their owner is a hot, energetic, active person. But such qualities in blue-eyed girls usually do not show much. They are usually characterized by mystery, sensuality, sentimentality.