MAC Vs Avon

I’m a big fan of MAC lipsticks, especially the Retro Matte collection. Out of the five MAC lipsticks I own, three are in Retro Matte! I generally dislike the feel (and look) of glosses or shiny lipsticks. I find them so sticky and heavy that I want to wipe them off within minutes of applying. The Retro Matte lipsticks stay on all day long and have a velvet finish. The colours are also delicious! My current fav is Lady Danger. An orange/red that goes with EVERYTHING and is more unusual than your basic red (that being said MAC Red in Satin finish is completely divine!).

SO imagine my delight when one of my best pals (and an Avon rep to boot) told me about the new Perfectly Matte lipstick collection from Avon. Directly marketed against MAC’s Retro Matte (“More matte than MAC’s Matte. No drying. No caking. No cracking”) and at a fraction of the price I was intrigued and dying to get my hands on one!

MAC Lady Danger


Most of my lipsticks are red, dark pink or nude, so I decided to go for a deep berry shade. There were two to choose from. Wild Cherry or Superb Wine. I opted for the Wild Cherry as it was a slightly warmer shade and I thought I could always layer it to intensify the colour.
Now, the one thing about MAC Retro Matte lipsticks is that they are quite hard to apply. As in, they are quite dry so don’t glide over the lips therefore you do need to prep first with balm. The Avon equalivant surprisingly sailed over my lips! The colour was great and the finish was just as velvety as MAC. I applied two coats, including a blot in-between. My lips looked like petals of a black baccara rose. I was super impressed! A big thumbs up.

MAC Ruby Woo Vs AVON Wild Cherry

In my opinion the only downside was the staying power. MAC will stay on literally ALL day/night. I rarely have to re-touch on an evening out even when I have been dining and supping. The Avon Perfectly Matte, came off a lot quicker.

BUT the MAC Retro Matte is £15 and Avon Perfectly Matte is £8! (I actually bought mine for £4 as it was on offer so keep a look out!). If you are new to lipstick or are usually a gloss kinda gal and fancy a change, I’d definitely recommend giving the Avon a try.

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