Insta-addicted: Our top 10 local instagrammers

We’re a little obsessed with Instagram. But what does it DO? ask our non-Insta addicted friends. Well, it makes things look prettier of course. And that’s IT? It’s no Facebook is it? Yep, that’s it; it makes our toddler-crazy lives and dodgy baking attempts look good. It’s rose tinted spectacles for life. And there’s hardly any videos of people chucking water over their heads. Magic right?

There are more beautiful accounts to follow than we can count but we’re Cambridge gals and so here are our top local Instragrammers – follow these beauties and you will instantly want to eat cake, dress up all pretty and re-ignite your artistic inclinations all in one go.

Afternoon Tease

We’ll start with food. We always start with food. Jo Kruczynska runs the brunch, lunch, cake and coffee haven that is Afternoon Tease on King Street and is solely responsible for us drooling over our keyboard with her daily lunchtime special updates. If you can get on board with her ‘Cake is for life, not just for Christmas’ mantra then this is a must-follow.

afternoon tease new new (Medium)


A Girl, A Style

If ever a girl knew how to live life through rose-tinted spectacles, Briony Whitehouse of A Girl, A Style certainly does. Political advisor by day and fashion writer by night (how does she fit it all in?) she is your go-to-girl for everything style – all with a hint of pink, a splash of sparkle and a good dollop of our lovely city.
brionynew (Medium)


Mummy, Daddy and Me

This Huntingdon-based mamma takes photos we could only dream of snapping of our little munchkins. We’re pretty sure she must have nightmare days like the rest of us but her Instagram feed is full to bursting with the joy and wonder of toddlerhood.
mummydaddyme (Medium)


Franglais Kitchen

Local food writer and supperclub host Nazima Pathan takes glorious food shots; prepare to follow hungry and vowing to try harder at dinnertime. Her recent granola shot had us wanting to eat breakfast all day long.
franglias (Medium)


We Three Club

Talented husband and wife design duo, Chris and Alex White live in Ely and as well as pictures of their work, you can expect snaps of their gorgeous daughter Audrey, stylish home and weekend adventures. This is Chris’s account, follow dear_so_and_so for Alex (the wonderful Alex who designed our wonderful blog logo).

wethreeclub (Medium)


Little Cake Pot

Maker, baker and artist, Stella Pereira’s feed is simply beautiful – it’s no exaggeration when we say her pictures would be at home in any national food magazine. She bakes amazing cakes for Norfolk Street Bakery and often beautifully illustrates her menus for supperclubs and events. A talented lady indeed – jealous? us?
littlecakepot (Medium)


Jenna Finding Beauty

A local mum who we have just come across but love already. Her pictures of her baby son make us very broody – and remember we are mothers to toddlers, we remember the sleepless nights and baby sick all too well!
jennynew (Medium)


The Moving Foodie

When you finally get round to having that date night, or escaping on a girls’ night out then Heidi’s feed of local restaurants is just the place to find inspiration on where to go.
moving foodie (Medium)


The Linton Kitchen

Another account, another reason we crave cake all day long. Gemma Whitting’s shots from her cafe and deli, The Linton Kitchen have us planning weekday treats and weekend cake dates every time.

And a quick aside – those doughnuts you see below are from Jigsaw Bakery in Linton and if you haven’t tried one yet then Get. One. Now.
lintonkitchen (Medium)


Cheryl Rawlings

Okay, so we’re cheating a tinsy bit here because Cheryl resides in Suffolk but when you see her beautiful sketches you’ll forgive us.  ‘Summer don’t close your doors on me. Let your light shine on us and let the children keep on playing with twinkles in their toes and sparkles in their eyes.’ Beautiful right? We couldn’t sum up how we feel at the moment any better than this.

cheryl (Medium)

And of course, if you want a constant stream of toddler joy, food and other BWC favourites then you can follow us too!


alex nw (Medium)


me (Medium)

Have we missed a beauty? Leave us a comment with your Instagram or someone you think we really ought to follow, and we will, we promise!

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  1. Great blog post. I ❤️ Instagram! You MUST follow @ali_dover. I think she lives between Cambridge and Ely. You will not be disappointed. I’m not a local anymore, unfortunately. I’m a transplant from near Ely, now down in Canterbury. But if you want to look me up I can promise mummy type pics but alas, no baking

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