Review: Bottomless Sundays at Station Tavern

Roast dinner is big in our house – we have one most weeks simply so we know both girls have had a great meal to set the week off right. During other meals they whinge about something green or try and get me to make them something different (erm, no) but with a good ol’ roast they eat it all, and ask for more. Put meat and veg in front of our eldest and she can eat as much as me hands down.

We’ve tried a good few roasts around the city – and we followed The Moving Foodie’s round-up of the best slavishly and tried all the ones Heidi recommended too. For us, The Red Lion at Granchester is a top pick for family roasts and we had a great one recently at The Tally Ho, Barkway if you are that way out.

We’re always keen on finding a new spot though – well, I say that, anyone who joined us at The Station Tavern at the weekend will know that our two year old was not keen to do anything at all. Other than scream, run around and eat a chocolate lolly. Sorry fellow Sunday roasters.

Luckily, if you go for The Station Tavern’s Bottomless Sundays option (£32.50 for your roast, with bottomless yorkies and as many Bloody Marys as you can drink in 1.5 hours), then your Sunday feasting starts at the Bloody Mary station. Uh-huh – you make your own. Fancy a nip of horseradish? It’s there. Some celery salt? Sprinkle away. A dash of every hot sauce you can think of? Dash away. Add in pickled onions, gherkins, celery, a stick of crispy bacon, olives…really, it’s all there and you can concoct the perfect Bloody Mary to suit your taste-buds. I went for a classic vodka, tomato juice, Lea and Perrins, Tabasco (but the chipotle one – revelation!) and then mixed it up with some horseradish, a dash of green pepper Tabasco, a bacon stick (obviously) and some celery salt (never having a Bloody Mary without it again. So. Good.).

We needed those drinks, our child was un-controllable. Sorry again. We soldiered on though, as parents must, and pretended everything was *fine* and we’re so glad we did. The roast was one of the best we’ve had out and about for sometime. I think it was all down to the cauliflower cheese and the fact my half chicken was slow-cooked to fall-to-bits heaven. Adding cauliflower cheese to a roast should be mandatory in my book, it just adds that cheesy goodness to elevate the roast to epic levels. Child one, in this instance we’ll call her ‘the good one,’ ate it all up and enjoyed her beef immensely if the empty plate was anything to go by.  And of course – those Yorkshire puddings. Just look at those beauties – they were HUGE! And bottomless while you ate, but I would defy anyone to eat more than two, surely?!


I’d love to say desserts was fantastic too but we had to leave pretty sharpish so that other diners could have some hope of enjoying their food without screaming. But I did appreciate the decor – a really nicely put together place and a great addition to the new area up at Cambridge Station.

Another Sunday, perhaps one with a hangover and childcare arrangements in place, we’ll be back and really test how many Bloody Mary’s you can make and drink in 1.5 hours!

#BottomlessSundays run from 12-4pm every Sunday and we heartily recommend getting the train and doing Sunday feasting, and drinking, right. Just like we should have done. Damn those terrible twos.

Station Tavern, 2 Station Square, CB1 2GA. 01223 489570, Social: @StnTavern

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